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10 years Drone Pilot/Trainer 35 years Real Estate

Providing quality education and training for aerial inspections

“I want to share my front row seat, as we  watch the world change with uncrewed technologies”

Lamar Ellis

About lamar

Lamar Ellis is the President of Drone Education Services and his goal and passion is to open minds to the benefits of drone technology.

Lamar is the 2023-2024 Chapter President for the AUVSI Georgia Chapter is AUVSI’s Chapter of the Year for 2023.  AUVSI stands for the Association for Uncrewed Vehicle Systems International.  

Lamar has been part of the Commercial and Residential Real Estate Appraisal industry in Atlanta, GA  for over 30 years.  He is an MAI and SRA designated appraiser by the Appraisal Institute and has served the Atlanta Chapter as a Director and Education Chair.  Lamar was awarded the “Outstanding Service” award with the Appraisal Institute for introducing drone technology into real estate valuation.

Lamar currently services as an Federal Aviation Administration Safety Team Representative and DronePro for the State of Georgia.

The Clients

Lamar’s work has led him to travel the country, presenting in over 40 states in addition to presenting numerous webinars and written seminars on Aerial Inspections for Real Estate to the Appraisal Institute, McKissock, the National Association of Realtors, the American Society of  Appraisers, the Right-of-Way Association, State Bar of Georgia, Society of Broadcast Engineers, the Institute of Real Estate Management, the American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers, Mississippi Tax Assessors, the FAA, and AUVSI. 

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What Services We Provide

We strive to provide a healthy positive understanding of how uncrewed technology can benefit you.

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We offer half day, full day and multiple day packages for in-person learning
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Our In-Person Training is the smart start for beginners or drone pilots wanting to level-up their flying skills.

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We offer custom-tailored consultation in drone operations and mapping projects.

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Aerial Inspections

We have been providing high resolution photography and videography data for 8 years.  Let us provide you with the necessary data to make informed decisions.

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Mapping & Modeling

We capture high resolution imagery and transform it into 2D Orthomosaics and 3D Models.

Course Detail

Did you know that a drone is an uncrewed vehicle? That means Control is either remote control or preprogrammed flight. DRONES are already impacting real estate in unique ways, from underwater bridge inspections, remote trucking, aerial delivery to satellite GIS mapping. Currently there are 3 kinds of aerial drones being used in real estate, the fixed wing which looks like a traditional plane and can glide, a multi-rotor can hover and the VTOL (Vertical take-off and landing) drone which has the abilities and advantages of both. So, are you in an urban or suburban environment? What type of drone is good for you?
Join me and learn about the Types of Drones.

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Ready to get in the field?  We’ll make sure you have the proper identifications, certifications and registrations to plan and execute a safe and repeatable mission for the aerial inspection of real estate.  Learn the operational, environmental and regulatory issues involved in keeping people and property safe.

"It’s more than just buying a drone and charging a battery."



2 Hour Min.

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Whether it’s use or investment, Drone Education Services has been providing education, training, consultation and aerial services since 2014.

Want to pass the exam? We can help.  We make sure that you have the tools to begin to make money on Day One.  Having safe and repeatable operations is more than passing an exam.  

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